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The Advanced Coaching Mastery (ACM) is a workshop designed as an accelerated, intensive immersion-style course tailored to develop mastery in the science, art and business of people development. Learning includes lecturing, one-on-one practice and small group sessions.

Learn and practice the specialized competencies and frameworks to masterfully manage coaching conversations. Explore the latest evidence-based change technology and developments in leadership coaching, and master the coaching skills of diagnosis, assessment and developmental planning in this immersion-style four-day certification workshop. Graduates earn the prestigious and recognized Advanced Coaching Master (ACM) designation

Day 1 – Foundations of Advanced Coaching Mastery

Module 1: Mandate Phase

  • Advanced Coaching Model
  • Future Now Methodology
  • Neuroscience of Mandate-Based Coaching
  • Clarifying the Current Scenario

Module 2: Diagnostic Phase

  • Clarifying the Current Scenario
  • Uncovering Strongholds & Blind Spots
  • Discovering and Using Leverage
  • Mastering Conversation Structures

Day 2 – Managing the Conversation: Coaching Mastery in Practice

Module 3: Strategy & Planning Phases

  • Creating Agreement for Results
  • Designing Strategies
  • Owning Responsibility for Results

Day 3 – Managing the Conversation: Coaching Mastery in Practice (Continued)

Module 4: Discipline & Action Phases

  • Pre-Contemplation
  • Behavioral Change Techniques
  • Creating Momentum
  • Prioritizing Energy, Effort & Focus
  • Consistent Action & Continued Participation

Day 4 –Designing Sustainable Behavior Change

Module 5: Recalibration Phase

  • Recalibration by Recognition
  • Mastering the Science of Measurement
  • Recalibrating to Reorient

Module 6: Sustainability Phase

  • Creating Neurological Habits for Results
  • Developing Rituals
  • Reformatting Relationships

Event Details

$3,895 per participant, includes all course materials and certification upon completion of all learning modules. Does not include travel, meals or accommodations.

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More Information   Download the PDF