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This Program is for certified coaches and experienced people developers only. Each prospective participant will be interviewed prior to the Workshop to ensure that they match level of expertise and experience required for this program. (Suggested experience: Coaches Certification from a recognized coaching organization, 3-5 years of experience as a coach and/or 5 years experience in a leading role as a people developer.)

The STRIDE coaching methodology is a unique strengths-based development process that is used by coaches and people developers to support their clients to explore new territory or regain momentum in their careers and personal life.

The Center for Advanced Coaching in an exclusive agreement with Resiliency Initiatives has developed the certification program. The program includes a 2.5-day immersion workshop that explores the details, tools and techniques of the STRIDE process. Participants will have multiple opportunities to practice the tools and strategies during this immersion part. Post the 2.5-day workshop there will be 2 web-based group follow-up sessions and each participant will also have 1 post course coaching session/interview. Upon the completion of all the above the participant will be awarded the full certification. Graduates will have exclusive use the STRIDE Resiliency Assessment which will be used a pre and post intervention benchmarking tool to support the coach in customizing the STRIDE process to the clients unique needs.

Day 1

• Understanding Resilience from a Neuroscience based Perspective.
• The Resilience Assessment and Setting the Strength Based Context
• The STRIDE Process Foundations
• STRIDE application Part 1

Day 2

• Stride Application Part 2
• Resilience for Personal and Life Coaching
• Resilience in Professional Contexts

Day 3

• Marketing the STRIDE Process
• Managing the STRIDE Logistics
• STRIDE as a individual Process
• STRIDE as a group Process

Note: Participants will be able to use the STRIDE process right away. Each participant will be able to utilize 5 provisional STRIDE assessments during the period. (Participants may charge clients for this process based on their own discretion and with some suggestions from CAC.)

Web – Session 1

• STRIDE Application and Feedback
• Assessment Reading 2.0

Web – Session 2

• Group STRIDE programs
• Q&A

Final Individual Coaching Interview/Session
This session will be personalized to each participants needs.