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Coaching creates a context for results! With this in mind we build unique coaching capacity and competency inside your organization at every level by creating your own customized coaching process internally. Most organizations recognize the value of coaching today. However, most of the time this powerful development context is usually reserved for Executives and High Potential individuals and few organizations have the technology or expertise to roll it out company wide.

Internal Coaching Masters

Coaching Architecture creates an internal capacity within the organization to roll out coaching throughout the organization. This coaching process becomes part of the company culture as opposed to a project that is outsourced to an outside vendor. With the Coaching Architecture process our team’s first step is to develop your in-house coaching mastery with selected senior executives and role players. The objective is to build a strong in-house core group that can set the tone and direction for coaching throughout your organization. The in-house Advanced Program is a 3-day intensive process for your experienced people developers and usually includes the HR senior team and a senior executive from each vertical in your company. Each participant of the in-house Mastery will also receive full certification and accreditation from the Center for Advanced Coaching.

In-House Coaching Model Design

We then co-design a custom coaching process that matches your company’s culture and values so you can generate the best results from and with your own people. This coaching process/model is behaviorally based model that is easy to learn and apply for everyone in a management position. The in-house coaching model will give each manager or leader a powerful conversation structure to coach his or her team. The in-house coaching model will include a full set of powerful coaching tools that the coach can use in various different scenarios in the everyday workplace.

Company Wide Roll Out

This co-designed coaching model is  rolled out throughout the organization in preset stages in order to ensure ownership and buy-in from every part of your company. This roll out phase usually includes the basic training of managers in the in-house coaching model and the principles by which it is to be used.

Our Coaching Architecture uses best practices we have gathered from the vast experience that our team of experts bring and through our work with Fortune 100 and 500 companies and multi-nationals around the world. Our Coaching Architecture has been implemented by companies such as FedEx and Microchip Technologies among others.